Which is Better for Burning Fat Weights or Cardio?

When someone says they want to lose weight and asks what is the fastest way to lose those extra pounds, our immediate answer is always cardio and diet, but is it true that cardio is the best way to burn fat?

Researching on the subject I was able to understand the following, cardio is a fat burning that acts immediately on the body, that is to say, when doing cardiovascular exercises our body begins to burn calories at the same time that the activity is being practiced.

For someone who has never exercised before, it is very good to start with cardio because it increases your condition and burns calories significantly, but once your body is more adapted to exercise, cardio is not going to be enough to burn calories, it will be necessary to do cardio at a higher speed or travel a much longer distance in order to burn the same calories you burned in the beginning.

With weights the opposite happens, your body eliminates fat once you finish your exercise session, this is due to the so-called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which is a process that your body generates to regenerate itself after performing an exercise of intensity and regenerates your muscles, removes the lactic acid, etc. and for this to be possible, your body needs twice as much oxygen and therefore burns more calories.

There is another very important factor that makes the difference between doing cardiovascular exercise or weights, in the first one you get your muscles to have greater resistance but if you do too much cardio you may lose some muscle (assuming you only do cardio) and in the case of weights you are increasing your muscle mass and the more muscle you burn the more fat you have.

We believe that the best thing would be to combine both exercises, the best thing to do is to do a little cardio as a warm-up and continue with a routine of weights to burn immediate calories (cardio), have endurance and strength in your muscles and at the end of your routine continue to burn calories (EPOC effect).

And as a conclusion it’s remarkable that weights are a better fat burner because they have more effective and long-term effects, so the next time you have doubts about what’s better for losing weight just remember that the more muscle mass the easier it is for your body to remove excess fat.

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