Which fastest method for fat loss: cardio or weights?


Stop wasting your time at the gym and discover what type of workout will maximize your fat loss.

When hitting the gym for a workout, we all want to know which is the best type of exercise for loosing those extra pounds, especially if we are restricted for time. Should you do cardio or weights or mix them up?

Most girls shy away from the weight section because often men dominate the weight section or they literally have no idea how to use them. Others avoid everything to do with cardio in fear of loosing their lean muscles or just because they hate sweating.

We went to the experts to find out what is the perfect ratio of treadmill time to your dumbbell sessions. Keep scrolling down to find out everything you need to about fat burning and muscle sculpting to pump up your workouts.

Benefits of cardio

Cardio has been beckoned the calorie-burning king for a reason: Cardio burns fat faster when compared to lifting weights! American studies have proven the aerobic exercisers loose fat up to four times faster than those who only weight lift.

If you have a high weight loss goal then your best choice is continuous high intensity cardio such as a Zumba or spinning class. But if you want reset your metabolic system and burn hat even when you are not the gym then HIIT is your best choice.

Cardio eliminates cravings!

Studies have shown that people that regularly do a high-intensity cardio workout of 15 minutes eat 11% less in the following 24 hours. Less snacks less calories, which mean quicker fat loss.

Benefits of weight training

Don’t jump on that treadmill just quite yet, as strength training is an excellent way to burn fat. Weight lifting increases your metabolic rate even hours after working out, meaning more fat and calories burned.

Muscle is metabolically active even you are not, if you are looking for long-term weight loss – strength training is for you. So what are you waiting for grab yourself a kettle-bell and start squatting?

Strength training lowers your cravings only an hour after finishing your workout, so you we experience extreme hunger pangs after working out. It is your body way of telling you that it needs energy to rebuild and repair muscle. If you are trying to loose weight, make sure you have a healthy snack plan to munch on after your workout.

Cardio vs. strength training results

Cardio will slim down your fat and muscle, making the numbers quickly drop on the scale. But weight training builds lean muscles that will burn fatty tissues even when you are chilling on the beach this summer.

Both give different results, but if you want long-term healthy results then you need to balance both cardio and strength training with a wholesome diet.

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