Walking Slim Challenge: Will You Give it a Try?

Do you want to lose weight but have never done any exercise before and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we offer you a 30-day walking plan to help you lose weight and start exercising in a totally progressive way, and when you want to realize it, you’ll be losing weight!

There are many types of people who decide to start exercising to change their lives for the better and feel better about themselves, and there is nothing better than exercise to do it, besides taking care of their diet obviously.

With the walking plan that we are going to offer you, you will be able to get started in this fitness habit little by little and in this way, you will get the taste without realizing it. In fact, you’ll finish this 30-day plan and think, “is it over? How short has it been!”

Lets Start!

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1. First week

In the first 7 days of the plan you will only go for a 30-minute walk once a day, so you will have to make the effort to get out of the house but you will not get tired and overwhelmed the first few days.

In the warmer months, you can go out early in the morning or late in the afternoon, as these are the times when temperatures are highest. In months or days when it’s not too hot, it’s best to go out after your midday meal, so you won’t get squashed on the couch right after eating and stay idle all afternoon thanks to the endorphins your brain will generate after exercising.

Don’t forget to take a bottle of water to keep you well hydrated especially during summertime, while you enjoy the outdoor exercise.

2. Second week

After the first week, you’re sure to feel more like exercising and feel stronger and more energetic, so you’ll increase your walking session time to about 45 minutes once a day.

Try to always do the same route as long as you make our plan to lose weight walking to check your progress and see how you go a little further each day even if you walk the same time, this is how you will really conscious about your progress and that increase in energy.

3. Third week

At this point, after two weeks of walking every day you will feel much better than the first day, you will even look like a different person in terms of character and way of being. Exercise brings out the best in people, so be prepared for change!

In the third week you will increase your time to 60 minutes walking once a day and it will probably seem like little time, as your body will be getting used to the new habits and you will feel strong and energetic enough to walk much longer, but as we have said, we are going slowly and unhurriedly.

4. Fourth week

This is the last week of the plan and the changes in you will be obvious both physically and psychologically, you will have lost weight and you will be a much happier person with a desire to do things. That sedentary, bored person who didn’t want to do anything but spending all day on the couch doing “zapping” will be in the past.

What you’ll do in this fourth and final week of our weight loss plan is take a walk twice a day for 45 minutes at a time, so you won’t have to take a single walk that can get tiring or overwhelm you.

Also, going for a walk twice a day will keep you entertained throughout the day thinking about the route you’re going to take, who you’re going to meet along the way, and what you’re going to talk about while you’re exercising.

Obviously, after three weeks of walking and doing the same route, you will have met people like you who also go out walking to improve your quality of life and your overall health, so you will have more in common than you think.


To improve this challenge, I suggest you use a Slimming Vest. This outfit will help you lose a few extra pounds, shape your figure and improve your posture. Just try it, you don’t lose anything. Now it’s up to you to begin the challenge. I assure you that you will feel very good adopting this fitness habit.

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