Before and After: A true weight loss story

Lu from Brazil loved life and food. By the time she was 26 she weighed almost 200 pounds. That was too much for her five-foot and six-inch frame.

For the last five years she tried all of the fab diets, which helped her lose her weight but once she stopped the diet, the weight came back on but with a vengeance. Gaining more weight that she lost. It was an emotional roller coaster ride, Lu comments.

But two years ago, she decided to take control of her life and stopped allowing these fab-diets to control her. Now she is 28 years old and lost more than 65 pounds. The weight hasn’t slowly crept back on, but it has declined slowly throughout the last two years. What is the secret to her success?

weight loss story

How she lost they weight

Lu says, “I wish I could give you a recipe or a magical pill to help you lose the weight, but sadly weight loss isn’t that easy. I used to think weight loss should be instantly, I had unrealistic expectations for myself, which lead to disappointment, time and time again.

Once she realized that weight loss takes time and would require constant effort on her part, things got easier. She believes being physically healthier begins in our minds. We need to understand the reasons behind why we need to be healthy and then it is easier to take care of ourselves.

Here are some of the lifestyle changes she made to start her on the path to losing weight:

Go to a gym – She recommends getting a gym pass, as it motivates you to exercise. She found it so easy to make excuses for working out at home; there was always something to do at home. But with a gym pass, you feel like if you don’t go, you will lose the money you invested.

Comfortable clothes – Lu remarks, “When I started exercising, I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and I avoided certain activities such as spinning or Zumba classes because my breasts were too jiggly.” Invest in a good sport bras and exercise clothes that you feel good in.

Balanced diet – I found many of the popular diets avoided eating carbs, but my energy level plummeted. It made sense to me the idea of not mixing carbs with proteins, after studying up on the subject; I decided to give it a try. My energy levels stabilized and I began to lose weight. My diet was healthy and balanced. For example if I had a steak for dinner, I wouldn’t have any bread, pasta or potatoes, etc.

Get some fresh air – I love the outdoors and in Brazil there are so many wonderful outdoor activities to enjoy. I would plan doing one outdoor activity a week, whether hiking or swimming, etc. This left me invigorated and at the same time more aware of my body. This motivated me to do my best during the week.

Lu mentions the following: I find since I have learned to take care of my health, I take better care of those around me. Weight loss is just a benefit for learning to take better care of yourself, it as if your body is thanking you for all the tender love and care you are giving it.

Lu finishes by saying to any of you ladies that want to lose weight, just to stop dieting and be kind to your body. By doing that your weight will vanish.

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