The Best Exercise Applications for Your Cell Phone

There are literally thousands of fitness apps, all competing for a slot on your cell phone. But you only have space for one and keeping up with the all of the changes can be overwhelming.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten fitness apps that are available for android or iOS, so you can stop wasting time reading reviews like these and start exercising. You might have heard of some of these apps before and some of them might be new to you.

The best part is that, all of these apps are free! We are positive that this compilation of the best exercise apps will help you get started on a healthy lifestyle today. All of them can be used for home training or with a gym membership.

Best exercise apps

Best exercise apps for Android 2018

Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker
Track your running, biking, walking and jogging routes with GPS. Runtastic tracks all of your tracked information by graphs and tables to a detailed progress. It can be used while running on a treadmill and can be used with Android wear.

Google Fit-Fitness Tracking
Excellence that we have come to expect from Google, this app uses sensors that track the user’s activity and records all types of exercises. All the while, marking your speed, pace, route and elevation. The perfect app for home workouts, it has total integration with all Android wear products.

Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans
Supplies more than 160 free workouts that promote strength, endurance and mobility – each one with three difficultly levels. Full body workouts that focus on your abs, triceps, shoulders and just about every body part known to man. Also, allows to track exercise progress while playing sports such as basketball, spinning or Ping-Pong.

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk
There is a reason that this app has more than 50 million users, using GPS to track your every move. Accurately calculates your running pace, cycling speed, elevation and calories, plus allowing you to plan your own workouts and audio coaching. Comes with widget support.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer
A track with more than 600 different types activities and records your every move on GPS. Provides calorie counting, nutrition, weight tracking and diet planning. Allows you to share your progress with others.

Best exercise apps for iOS 2018

Make fitness fun again with this easy to use fitness app. By providing a long list of free workouts to motivate you, plus you can create your own workout plan. Inspired by MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft, by gaining experience and points for each successful workout. As you progress you can unlock achievements, increase your level and complete workout quests.

Under Armour Record
Works with all types of smart watches and allows you to track your workouts and view your activity stats on your phone or watch. You will love the ease of this and it is compatible with all devices.

Looking for a one-stop app for tracking all of your physical activities, weight and sleep? Then this app is for you. Plus, you can add your caloric intake, water consumption and workouts. Plus, it can measure your heartbeat by using your smartphone. There is no need for another supplementary fitness app, as this one does everything.

One of the easiest fitness apps available, allowing you to track all of your daily activities and workouts. You can log food and water intake and daily weight loss. The best part is that is allows you to compete with friends online. This app will keep you motivated and push you that extra mile each day.

This app provides everything you could possibly need in a fitness app: running, cycling log, GPS tracking app and fitness community. Providing “segments” feature that allows you to compare your progress with previous runs. This device is compatible with almost every known device to man.

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