Strengthen buttocks

People are looking for ways to exercise whether they are healthier or aesthetic. Exercise helps us to improve our health not only physically, but also psychologically; it also allows us to tone and strengthen our muscles and see ourselves better. One of the muscles that people, especially women want to tone up are buttocks, many women want to tone and increase the size of their glutes for the purpose of looking better.

It is important to know that exercising the muscles not only helps people to maintain their figure, to look better; Also because it is a large size muscle if people exercise their buttocks increase their metabolic rate and can burn a greater number of calories so that people suffering from obesity can lose weight more easily.

10 exercises to strengthen buttocks

1-The steps are excellent exercises that will help you to tone and strengthen your buttocks and are an exercise very easy to realize taking in account that it is an exercise that is practiced every day when we go up and down curbs or stairs.

2-Another very easy exercise that can be performed is the so called hip lift, taking in account that it is a very useful exercise to strengthen your glutes and the best thing is the fact that it is very easy to learn.

3- The squat is an excellent exercise that requires applying force on your legs and buttocks, so you tone and strengthen both muscles and is excellent for weight loss since this exercise requires applying the strength of the whole body.

exercise to strength buttocks

4-Hip lift with one leg lifting hip supported on one leg is an excellent exercise since it requires a lot of balance and apply a lot of strength in the buttocks area and the best thing about this exercise is the fact it helps to correct the Hip and buttocks.

5- The gluteal lifts with bar is an excellent exercise that requires to have previously dominated all the previous exercise of much balance and to apply much force in the zone of the buttocks and the best thing of this exercise is the fact of helps to correct the hip and buttocks and requires applying more force due to the weight of the bar.

6- Weight lifting with bar, is an excellent exercise to tone your muscles, because the dead weight requires the application of a lot of strength and working all your back so that your buttocks will strengthen.

7- Dumbbell strides are an excellent exercise that helps you work both your legs and your glutes. This exercise requires applying force on the part of the buttocks so it is highly recommended both to tone your legs as your buttocks.

8-Lumbar extensions are another exercise that is used not only to strengthen the back both your lower back and your buttocks, since it requires applying a lot of strength and tension in both the lumbar and lumbar areas as your buttocks.

9 – Dead weight with single leg is one of the most complex exercises since it requires the application of greater balance strength in a single leg managing to focus the muscular effort on the buttocks and the hamstrings, during this exercise it is necessary to tighten the buttocks and Keep your hip firm enough.

10- Swing with kettlebell or Russian weights are one of the most recommended and complete exercises as it requires the application of force throughout the body, this exercise not only help you to tone your body muscles, it is highly recommended for tone the muscles as the leg and buttocks.

It is important to know that all these exercises must be done progressively and that people must adapt to the weight and intensity of the movements, this indicates that the exercise at the beginning should be smooth and when the person gains experience.

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