Shapewear for all of your troublesome spots

Men worldwide agree that nothing is sexier than a woman who oozes with self-confidence when it comes to her body. But let’s be honest here, it’s a challenge not to get miffed about that muffin top or be bummed about those back bulges popping out from under your bra.

We also tend to be comparing ourselves to other gals and how fantastic they look, reasoning if I only had their body shape. So how can you get the figure that you have always craved? Shapewear is the key.

Here are some shapewear solutions that will eliminate those troublesome areas and help you get that sexy confidence that men love so much. No sit-ups required! And no surgery necessary!

1- Muffin Top

When looking for shapewear to flatten even the toughest muffin top, choose styles that will hit on your rib cage or right under the bottom part of your bra. If it hits at the midriff, no matter how many promises the shapewear manufacturing makes, it can roll down and bunch up. Many celebrities like to wear a shaping camisole over top of the hi-waisted briefs for all over smoothing control.

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2- Saddlebags

You have two options: only drink disgusting green smoothies for an entire week or you can simply toss on a shaping camisole or tank top to vanish those saddlebags. Look for styles that have tummy-control panels for extra control and compression. This will give you a smoother, more svelte look, without leaving your bust looking slightly squashed. Just a word of advice, look for seamless designs for a more comfortable feel.

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3- Thighs

Wish you legs looked longer and slimmer? Try a hi-waist thigh slimmer short to minimize ample thighs, just make sure you are wearing a dress, shirt or shorts that hit just above the knee or below it, to avoid your shapewear from peeking out from underneath. This style of shapewear is beloved by pear-shaped girls everywhere as it hides those lumps and bumps and makes you look thinner.

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4. Cellulite

If you are like most women, we tend to get cellulite on the back of our legs and on our thighs. If you want that cellulite out of sight but don’t feel like wearing the compression from a typical thigh slimmer shapewear, then look for a thigh slimmer with lighter compression on the legs but medium compression around your belly for a tummy tuck.

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5. Back fat

We love to show off our assets but that little back bulge that pops out from under our bra can ruin even the stylish ensemble. Often the culprit of that much-dreaded appearance of back fat is due to an ill-fitting bra. Making matters worse, our bra straps can squash your skin causing a rash during the hotter months. But there’s no need to run out and by a new bra, just throw on a smoothing camisole or a bodysuit.

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6. Flat butt

Do you want to pump some volume to your rear but don’t want to get surgery? Look for briefs or panties that are designed to fill out your rear and give you a little extra curve. Believe us, a little extra padding will take your flat butt to Beyoncé instantly.

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