Recommended minimum amount of exercise

Exercise is an activity of great importance for humans, as it allows us to be healthy. There are many people who are currently suffering from obesity so exercise is a way to lose weight, look better and be healthier. But you need to know that people are wondering how much exercise can be done daily or per week that will allow you to get results and not overdo it.

It is necessary to know that everyone when they are starting to exercise is not accustomed, so it is necessary to train gently to avoid injury and as time goes by increase the level of training. Other things for keep in mind are the fact that every person when training should do stretching exercises beforehand in order to avoid any injury.

It is advisable to prepare an exercise routine that is accompanied by a correct diet plan in order to obtain better results. Regarding exercise routines, people when they are starting as aforementioned should have soft exercise routines and increase the level with the passage of time, so many people ask the guidance of an expert to help them elaborate and vary your workout routines

Exercise is an activity of great importance for humans


What is the minimum amount of exercise recommended?

Regarding the minimum amount of exercise it is very important to know that many people want to know how much exercise they can do to be healthy, to be in physical condition and without suffering any type of injury. According to the opinion of the studies and experts recommend to perform at least 150 minutes of exercises of the moderate aerobic type per week or 75 minutes intense combining them with exercises for strength.

But in regards to moderate exercises can be represented by a gentle walk and in relaxed form, as far as the exercise of greater intensity is thus manifested with a type of exercise that requires a greater effort as is the case of swimming.

In terms of training it is recommended that you do 5 sessions of exercises per week, it is generally recommended to train from Monday to Friday and take the weekends to rest. Therefore it is recommended to perform at least 30 minutes of moderate daily exercises or combine them with 25 minutes of HITT type training. There are also people who recommend performing two 40 minute sessions of dance therapy per week for the purpose of improving health.

Concerning people who like to perform strength exercises in the gyms it is recommended to hold sessions of between 45 minutes to 1 hour a day and work a pair of muscle per day leaving two days of rest example if a routine is performed chest and biceps on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you must work other muscles and on Thursday you can perform chest and biceps again. The above is done so that your muscles recover correctly.

It is important to know that flexibility exercises should also be done. According to opinion experts say that exercise people reduce the risk of suffering from cancer and keeps weight controlled

As mentioned earlier it is advisable at the beginning the low intensity exercises with short periods of time and as pass of time you should increase the duration of the exercises until you reach a period of time in which the people are comfortable and you get Good result.


The exercise represents a physical activity of great importance for our organism that does not allow being healthy and in physical conditions. But it is necessary to know the appropriate during of time in order to obtain good results and avoid any type of injury during the training routines

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