Move Together Fitness is a live Personal Trainer and Nutritionist brought directly to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device via Skype, or any other live video conferencing service. No longer will you need to waste time going to the gym or feel threatened by personal trainers entering your home. Our non-threatening, and open-minded approach to personal training provides clients with the most optimal workout designed specifically to meet their individual fitness goals. Our trainers will meet with you in a live video chat, to listen and discuss your needs and limitations, in order to create a customized workout program designed specifically for you.

Move Together Fitness’s live video chat personal training method allows our trainers to coach you through each exercise as if they were in the room with you. Our trainers will work with you at your pace and make sure that you are properly executing each exercise in order to receive the best possible workout. To provide you with flexibility in your workout routine, we operate 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

We want you to fully understand our concept and show you the reason our clients rave about us. Contact us through our website for a FREE 45 min session to see how Move Together Fitness is the solution to fitness.


One on one contact enables our trainers to encourage and motivate you throughout your workout.


Our trainers will help you to execute proper form during exercises, ensuring your safety and a more effective workout.


Certified trainers use the most current exercises and nutritional guidance to create an optimal workout for each individual client.

Not just physical, but mental

Keeping fit boosts our immune system and allows for a better nights sleep. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, the feel good hormone, lowering depression symptoms. When we move thousands of neurons are stimulated, but as we get older these connections get weaker as we become less active. Exercise strengthens neural connections making movement more fluid and graceful and also allows more memory retention.

Reduce Illness and Risk Factors

Osteoporosis is the second most common disease in the world. Exercise increases bone density, in turn reducing the onset of this crippling disease. Staying active is a prescription free way of lowering cholesterol, heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and back pain. Exercise is also scientifically proven to reverse the negative changes associated with menopause.