How old is the best to engage in waist training?

We are all happened to be stuck while trying to wear our favorite clothes. But rather than falling back on the larger garments, or a harsh diet, you may just need to put on a waist trainer corset to refine your curves and slim your body. However, this waist training trend popularized nowadays by Hollywood celebrities and gradually assaulted by women dreaming of an hourglass shape, still rising some questions regarding, how old is too enough to start using a waist training? How young is too young? Which age is safe, to start wearing a waist trainer?

The waist trainer corset, what is it?

The waist trainer is a slimming sheath. It slips around the waist like a corset, it will wrap all your pelvis about a length of about 30 cm. When worn on a regular basis, it will smooth the unsightly parts of your silhouette and give a refined look due to its slimming effect.

In a second step, it will contribute to the removal of fats and toxins through perspiration, by causing a heating effect all around your waist.

waist trainer corset, what is it

How old is too old to start corseting? How young is too young to start waist training?

This issue is still a tricky subject. Since waist training is not an incredibly mainstream activity, no laws in any country has put down a regulation concerning a ‘safe’ age for someone to wear a corset. However, there are some facts to be considered while engaging in this debate.

First of all, legal outlooks

Just like tattoo, piercing etc. waist training is a form of body modification. Therefore, it should more or less follow the same rules and guidelines as other forms of body modification. In North America for example, most legal tattoo and piercing parlors require to be at least of 18 years old. This age is assumed to be the one at which you’re considered as adult and fully responsible for your own actions and what you do with your body. Waist training should be treated the same way whenever somebody would like to engage in it. If you’re under the age of 18, you’d have to go to your legal guardians for permission. In a general level, this is to protect all parties involved:

It provides protection for your body from anything going awry during waist training and from any accidental injury that may occur because of ignorance and immaturity.

It’s also protect your parents from being blamed for neglecting your well-being, should anything happen to you.

Physiological growth

Well, some of you state “Why sould I wait until am 18? After all, I’m so mature for my age and I have stopped growing in height etc.”

Unfortunately, it is not all about age or how mature you are. It doesn’t matter.  It has nothing to do with how old you were when you started your period. It has to do with your skeleton. Human skeleton is essentially made of cartilage,  and this one is much more softer and weaker than bones.

Generally, the human body doesn’t finish developing until you reach your early 20s or late. As the body is almost fully developed at that age, it is then recommended for women to engage in waist training by their 20s.

Furthermore, remember these are just recommendations and before you start waist training, you should always consult your doctor, regardless of your age, to check whether your body and your health could afford the wearing of a waist cincher.

In conclusion, like most things when it comes to Waist training, is that it differs from a person to one another. Waist training can take a physical and mental toll on a person, so a person’s maturity, responsibility plays a big role when answering this question.

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