The miracle Waist Trainer everyone is talking about

After some famous socialite, several other celebrities also revealed that the waist trainer belt is one of its greatest allies in the search for an hourglass shape body.

The buzz began just after some photos of a very famous celebrity, famous for a reality show with her family, were posted on their social media wearing the much-talked-about waist trainer around the tummy area!

We do not know if it was just a marketing strategy or if they actually wear these gadgets on a day-to-day basis. But the fact is: does it really make sense to wear these compression belts or shapers? Curious as I am … I had to buy one (order it, because the waist belt worn by them is not on stores, just online) and see if it really works!

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A little bit about the best waist trainer

I have chosen a model without a back strap, because it is not only a practical piece of clothing, but also wears well and is a bit more discreet underneath. Its structure is very similar to that of a regular corselet with the same type of fins, but made of latex.

Compression is the perfect balance between a waistband and a corselet. Its effects occur in subcutaneous adipose tissue. It is a modeler more powerful than the conventional belts, but gentle for the day-to-day of a woman who does not want extreme changes in the body.

It does not limit trunk movements like a traditional corset. It has elasticity that ensures complete thoracic and abdominal expansion, while supporting spine and encouraging greater body awareness.


  • Decreases measurements instantly
  • Reposition the weight of water and fat
  • Reduces waist size up to 3 sizes instantly
  • Accelerated weight loss by up to 4 inches in 4 weeks
  • Helps maintain proper posture
  • Reduces back pain
  • Strengthens the Abdomen
  • Increases thermal activity
  • Soft cotton lining


In my opinion, after exactly 14 days wearing it for at least 4 hours a day, taking a break on Sundays, here is what I really noticed:

Improvement of my posture (people who know me know that I do not have the best posture in the world), but now even I was surprised, is not that such a belt helps even to get a better posture! Because we cannot bend when we are with the belt, we create the habit even without it of being able to sit better, and even walk better.

Waist really tuned! And that I can talk about, I have always been one of those thin squares, my mother insisted with me on wearing those belts, like my granny corset, and I clearly did not listen, even no more now that I am married, imagine if I was going to sleep with that… no way; that would be a divorce, surely!

For me, the waist trainer has fulfilled what it promises. Does it work miracles? Of course, alone, it does not. Just like with everything that relates to the fitness world, if your routine is not accompanied by a healthy diet, and exercise at least 3 times a week (even if it is just a walk around the park), the waist trainer alone will not help!

My pants are loosen, especially, of course, around the waist! My but, on the other hand, seems to be really a bit lifted from the previous stage. My panties are now tighten there. I was shaped into an hourglass shape, with a little touch of an apple line of definition.

Anyway… on my point of view: In order to shape your body, a waist trainer will not work miracles without dieting and exercising, but if worn comfortably, I can foresee nice changes coming your way!

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