Which Leggings Should You Wear for Your Workout?

Choosing the perfect pair of control top leggings for your workout can be a challenge. Will these pants slip down or off while during downward facing dog? Or will this pair stay dry enough, during your next spinning class?

Whether you are wanting to hit the pavement, the dance floor or your trusty yoga mat, you need a pair of exercise pants that will help you kick ass (and not accidently reveal your actual ass crack).

So we polled with some of today’s biggest fitness pros (because they workout everyday and know what they are talking about) on how you should dress to get the most out of your sweat sessions. Here are some of their suggestions in choosing the correct pair of women’s leggings for your favorite workout method.

women's leggings


Look for: moisture wicking, medium to high compression stretchy fabric.

Any dance class that involves any form of jumping or bouncing requires a strong fabric for muscle support. If you want a greater range of motion, then maybe you should opt for a medium compression legging that will allow you to bend, snap and shake it up on the dance floor.


Look for: High waisted leggings with a wide waistband with light to medium compression.

If you love barre, then you know that the deeper you squat the more your body shapes (which means it’s working). So you need to come prepared wearing a pair of leggings that will give the stretch you need and compression that allows you to move freely. Stay away from low-rise styles and choose high-rise styles as they provide tummy-tucking power.


Look for: A high compression and temperature regulating fabric with a non-slid waistband

When you are running, the last thing you want to think about is that your pants are sliding down. You want exercise pants that fit like a second skin. Look for no-pinch waistbands and breathable fabric that adjusts to your body temperature, keeping you warm or cool.


Look for: A stretchy light compression fabric with a wide, flat and high waistband

Nobody has time to hike up his or her pants while trying to flow into the next position. Look for leggings for women that have a wide and flat waistband, so it doesn’t sit at your back during mat poses. Leave those exotic fancy fabrics at home, you want moisture wicking all the way here.


Look for: A medium compression fabric with a stay-put waistband that is made from non-slippery material.

Pilates is about moving in different directions and the last thing you want to worry about is having your pants falling down. Think medium compression with no extras, just ladies’ leggings with lots of stretch.


Look for: A medium compression with super moisture wicking fabric.

When it comes to cracking it out at your spin class you want leggings that are breathable and moisture wicking. Our favorite are black leggings because they look great on and hide any unwanted sweaty spots from showing through.

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