How to Wear High Waisted Jeggings if you’re Curvy

Most of us curvy girls, have realized after years and years of trying on different pants that the best style for our bodies are those with a high waist. We’ve spent big bucks on styles that just don’t flatter our curves such as the boyfriend jean, low rise jeans and yes, overalls!

Jeans only tend to work with our curves if there is enough stretch, which there frequently isn’t and they tend to flatten our booty and curves, leaving us looking washed out. But jeans have taken a new twist by combing three of our favorite things: leggings, jeans and the ultra feminine high waist – creating high waisted jeggings!

Jeggings make your shape not only curvier, but also sexier and a more defined contoured shape. Silhouetting your female figure with the high waist, by making your waist look smaller and almost hourglass like and your butt bigger.

Benefits of Wearing High Waisted Jeggings

Since they sit right above your waist and higher on your hips, they hide your love handles, any belly bulges and any signs of bloating. Plus, as the are not sitting on your hips, they won’t create a muffin top or flash anyone a plumber’s butt whenever you bend over.

Some people complain that they feel as if they can’t breathe in high-rise jeggings, but that is most likely because they purchased the wrong size. Make sure you order the correct size for your body and not the size you wish you were.

They make you look taller, slimmer and accentuate your curves (making your tummy look smaller). Plus, high waisted jeggings provide all of the benefits that we have come to love with our leggings but in a fashionable jean style, but without the extra bulk around our waist.

Benefits of wearing high waisted jeggings

5 Tips to look great in High Waisted Jeggings

  • Hide that camel toe
    Not all jeggings are created equal and some form the dreaded camel toe. If your jeggings tend to do this, make sure to always wear them with a longer tunic or long top that keeps that area covered.
  • Don’t box yourself in
    If you want to sport them with a short jacket or blazer, make sure you wear a longer top underneath, to avoid making yourself look like a box. If you must wear them with a shorter jacket, make sure that it partially covers your butt and wear it with a tight bodysuit underneath for a sleeker look.
  • Pick the right length
    Nothing can ruin your look, like having a bunch of fabric bunched up around your ankles or a pair that run a little too short. You want your legging to end right at your ankles. Try them on first or order a pair for your height specifications.
  • Love that zipper and back pockets
    Jeggings should have a real zipper and a waistline that you can actually wear a belt with if desired. The more authentic your jeggings look, the better they will look with all types of tops and can be styled as you would with your skinny jeans.
  • Shoes
    High waisted jeggings look terrific with a pair of ballet flats but if you want, take your look from everyday to va-va-voom, them throw on a pair of high heels or a cute pair of ankle boots.
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