gym in home

We created Move Together Fitness as a way to help people meet and exceed their health and fitness goals without using gyms or impersonal workout videos. Our personal training and dietary Sessions are entirely designed around you, your schedule, and personal needs. Our trainers will provide you with advice, instruction, and motivation, to keep you active and interested throughout your workout or diet routine. Move Together Fitness will make your problems with gyms and working out at home a thing of the past.


Gyms can be overwhelming and intimidating, without guidance and a workout plan the average person will not meet their weight loss goal. At the gym, trainers often seem unapproachable when seeking assistance. They are either too into themselves or selling packages, rather then the wellness of the client.

Finding time to exercise at a gym can be difficult if you’re a busy person. For a workout to be beneficial at an hour of exercise is necessary. When taking into account driving time, signing in, changing, getting equipment, etc., you need to devote 2 hours of your day to the gym. In this wasted time you could be burning over 500 calories. Move Together Fitness allows you to stay in the comfort of your own, and let’s you pick a schedule.


While working out at home, many people cheat themself in the number of repetitions they do. People also put off the exercise until later, and end up forgetting or be too tired to even begin. If your working out at home without a fitness professional’s guidance you may be executing improper form and actually be doing your body harm. Let Move Together Fitness be your wellness coach and guide you to your goals, safely and effectively.


This is a perfect solution for new mothers who don’t want to leave the house, traveling business personnel, college students, older men and women, and busy people who are looking to stay active, and people who dislike gyms because of their lack of hospitable atmosphere, and hot headed members. No more waiting for machines, or feelings of being watched. No more worry of having a stranger come into your home to train with.