How can you actually shock yourself fit with EMS

We hear so many weird stories every day about the horrors of what some people go through to lose weight. This makes you wonder if there is a limit to this entire fitness apocalypse. You have probably heard too. The commercials on television featuring a man or a woman laying happily on the couch wearing an apparatus with some electrodes on their stomach area. Even the biggest soccer star, Ronaldo, talks about this wonder to tone your muscles.

According to the stars, this equipment features the latest EMS technology using electrical impulses to strengthen the muscles into a more rigid and dense fiber, capable of delivering more force and more power. They can actually swear by it!

What is EMS?

EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation is not such a new concept, this is a clinical practice invented around the year 1950 by a Russian doctor in order to treat and recover muscle tension of their athletes. Using electrical current, they were able to recover muscle tension, tone the fibers and make them more resistant to perform a lot better. Maybe this was their secret for so many gold medals with the former Soviet Union.

It was only around the year 1970 that this technology was known to the Americans and since them EMS equipment have found their way into the academies and many homes around the US and Europe.

Today EMS equipment like the Ultimate ABS Stimulator are becoming more and more common on academies and amongst people willing to get a great 6-pack in a more instant kind of way. However, this sounds too good to be true, how on earth could a person actually shock herself fit?

How does EMS work?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation delivers electrical impulses to activate the nerve system, causing muscles fibers to contract and relax. Our body is always sending electrical messages from our brain to the muscle area. EMS simulates our brain activity directly on to the muscles to contract and to relax when the stimulator is activated.

EMS improves blood flow and boosts circulation. This muscle activity promotes flexibility and eliminates de build up fat around muscle fibers. So, lean muscles are stimulated by the electrical impulses.

It is fair to say that the use of an EMS device like the Ultimate ABS Stimulator can help reduce waist circumference, grow abdominal muscles, strengthen fibers and lose weight. It can be a training tool and useful to alleviate aches and pains from excess muscle workout and recovery from muscle injuries.

Abs Stimulator


  • Can I use EMS long term?

The answer is YES. If you are healthy, there is no side effects with the use of EMS devices. Just like normal strength training, you should use regularly. When you do not do any work out over a longer period of time your muscles loose strength and tone.

  • Would I be able to lose weight when using EMS?

YES. As soon as you begin your routine, it is possible to notice some weight loss. However, as you progress with the program EMS would be burning excess fat around muscle fibers causing you to lose weight effortlessly.

  • In which areas of my body could I use EMS?

You must not forget that traditionally EMS was used to treat muscle discomfort on Russian athletes. Therefore, EMS technique can be applied in any part of your body where there is a muscle flux to be exercised.

EMS should also be used to alleviate aches and pains resulting from muscles overworking or stress. Please, DO NOT use EMS directly on to your temples and forehead.

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