Beginner fitness for women

fitness for beginner

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought, ” I need to lose a little weight in this area” or “If I didn’t have this big pouch, I’d look so much better” or “Why am I so flabby?” All of these minor problems have an easy solution, without ever getting liposuction.

I consider the best form of fitness, without a doubt, are fitness sports that allow you to exercise targeted areas of your body. These types of workouts allow women to give attention to their troublesome spots such as, fatty and saggy skin around their hips, gluteus, chest, abdominals and triceps (muscle on the upper arm area).

There are many old folk tales that have turned into myths, but you need to stop believing in these false tales such as, if you workout more than 2 to three times a week you will turn into a bodybuilder or muscle will quickly turn into fat or if you have muscles, you will look less feminine.

Fitness training myths

• To develop a body such as that of a bodybuilder, it would need years of intensive training using heavy weights. Also it requires following a very strict low-fat diet that is high in carbohydrates and protein.

• When you stop exercising and using your muscles, your muscles simply begin to lose muscle tone. Since your muscles are no longer active, they lose their strength and firmness, but it never turns into fat, this is impossible and is a popular belief that has no basis.

Many assume that muscle loss is directly related to gaining fat, but really it is directly linked to your diet. In the event of having to stop training, it would be necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed, since your body is not using as much energy or calories as before. If you continue, consuming the same caloric intake as when training, your body will save the extra calories but as fatty tissue for future use.

• The saying “everyone has different tastes” means that taste and style is a very personal matter and depends entirely on how it is presented. For this reason, my opinion is that muscle tone does not make a woman less feminine, but to the contrary, muscle tone beautifies the woman’s body. Who doesn’t desire to have well-formed buttocks, contoured legs that stay firm while walking, a chiseled waistline, well-defined abs and toned arms? And what man wouldn’t like a woman like that?

Now, that we have debunked these old-fashioned and obsolete myths, we can begin to construct a feminine and athletic body. This will not only improve our health, self-esteem and free us from boundaries that we have invented, as we will have no need to make up excuses for not going to the beach with our friends, because we are embarrassed about our body. Instead, we will want to show it off.

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