Why adult people should doing exercise

Many adults today are suffering from obesity that can be accompanied by a number of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension; So it is recommended to perform some type of exercise that allows them to improve their health, look better and are much more active. It is important to know that adults due to the fast pace of life, occupations or a sedentary lifestyle may suffer from health problems, which according to experts recommend exercise to reduce risk and improve health in general.

According to experts and people with knowledge in the field of medicine, adults and young people who perform at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, reduce the risk of suffering from 13 types of cancer. Similarly the fact of exercising decreases the risk of suffering from hypertension and is very favorable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease but should be performed in these cases moderate form. As for people with diabetes, it is also highly recommended as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

But exercise not only helps you stay physically healthy it also helps us improve our mental health and improve our concentration. It has been shown that adult people are subjected to greater stress loads by the pace of life, large amounts of work or obligations; So your mental health may be affected and as studies have shown that exercising can help people stay relaxed, decrease stress levels and keep the mind busy.

People who exercise often have more energy, when they reach an advanced age they will be healthier and more vigorous.

adult people should do exercise


Recommended exercises for adults

It is highly recommended for adults, performing moderate exercise for 150 minutes or 75 minutes of high intensity for weeks helps prevent diseases, stroke and stroke. But this exercise is necessary breakdown in 5 days per week ie 5 sessions of moderate exercises of 30 minutes each session or 5 sessions 15 minutes of high intensity exercises and these exercises can be combined with strength exercises that help to tone and strengthen the Muscles

Regarding adults who wish to lower blood pressure or cholesterol levels, it is recommended 40 minutes sessions of aerobic exercises of moderate intensity and 3 to 4 times per week in order to avoid heart attacks.

The exercise is represented by any physical activity that allows you to burn calories, lose weight and improve your overall health, so that among physical activity include sports such as baseball, basketball, swimming, exercise aerobics that can benefit the heart of people, such as swimming, walking, jogging and cycling. Exercises that help you improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles are also recommended.

Everybody should before at the beginning to exercise to ensure success, to develop a well-planned routine according to the objectives that arise, so it is highly recommended to seek the help of an experienced person.

It is also necessary to know that before every routine perform a proper stretching to avoid muscle injuries.

Exercise is represented by all physical activity that allows, burn calories and improves overall health. The case of adults is very beneficial since it allows avoiding diseases such as hypertension, helps to solve stress problems but it is necessary that the person is well informed and perform the appropriate exercise during the appropriate time.

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