Favworld website reviews, my experience with this trendy store

favworld logoI wasn’t sure about writing this favworld review. I have known this website for a long time and the truth is that until three days ago, I never thought about recommending it. Not because it’s bad, but because everything was normal. So, Why do I write this article now? Well, because something has happened that worth mentioning. Something that has never happened to me with another online shopping website.

What is Favworld?

Favworld.com is an e-commerce site that offers varied products. These varied products tend to be trending on the internet. This type of product is popularized in social networks thanks to Instagram influencers or thanks to viral content on Facebook.

Some of these products can be found on Favworld at incredible prices compared to other stores in the United States. Also, if you follow them on their fan page on Facebook or subscribe to their email list you can always get coupons.

Why do I recommend them? My story with Favworld

My story with this store is very curious, rather, foolish, on my part. I was in a moment of weakness, after having seen Stranger Things entire season on Netflix, eating a bowl of ice cream and realizing that my ex just started dating another girl…

One of those days in which you think: “I would love to bury my head on the ground”.
Well, it was on one of those days when I saw a Favworld ad on Facebook that talked miraculous things about shaping panties.

We all know what the shaping panties are, right? They are those high cut panties that shape your figure, lift your tail and flatten your abdomen. Everything you would like to have naturally, in a second, you get it with some shaping panties.

The dresses will fit you better, tight shirts will fit you better… Well, win-win situation, right? Besides, they were not expensive (compared to the damn Spanx that come out a budget…)

At another time in my life, if I have to be honest, I don’t know if I would have bought these panties on favworld. But, at that moment, when I came back from the bathroom… After seeing the publicity, I looked myself in the mirror, I saw my muffin tops, and I remembered the beautiful girl that my ex-boyfriend started to date … So yes, I clicked on ‘Add to cart, without thinking and I bought one.

Now, why am I telling you this? Do you think that there’s nothing strange in my story?
I felt with low self-esteem, I wanted to see myself better, I bought some shaping panties. OK. Why do I tell the story as something curious?

Well, because I did it without thinking. Literally. No, I don’t mean that I bought a product that I didn’t need, not even that I bought a bad product, but I did it without thinking:

I chose the wrong size (because I didn’t look at the size chart below) and on the other hand, I even realized that I could pick between two colors.

Then, when the email arrived telling me what I had bought in my hurry to vent my misery in a shopping cart, basically, I didn’t understand what would have happened to my mind.

It was such an impulse to buy the panties that would make me recover my self-esteem, that I even looked at what I was doing. The good thing is that all this experience led me to find one of the best online stores. Now I know I can trust blindly in Favworld.

I sent an email to the support, but I didn’t wanted to wait, I was afraid that nobody would see it. Many companies at Christmas, are dealing with several factors:

1- Take more orders than they can handle
2. They run out of stock and don’t update it on their pages
3. Employees take days off, go on vacation or meet with their families (which is logical)

Favworld is attended by awesome people

As I was afraid that they wouldn’t see my request for help, I decided to contact them via chat. The chat was my last option because I’m used to the chats being attended by robots but NO! There was a human behind, thank God!

This human (his name was Noel) helped me in my moment of misery. He was one of the warmest people I’ve talked in a customer service chat. He helped me to change all the mistakes I had made in my order.

I could choose the color again; I could change the size, all at the term of 10 and without any problem. Also, he told me about an offer that if you spend $ 45 the shipping is free, so I also bought an abs stimulator to test if it works (although I’ll tell you that in another post!).

Days later, the favworld shaping panties were on my doorstep and, beyond helping me feel better in my own body, they left me with an excellent feeling about this e-shop. So far my experience with favworld. I hope the review helps you choose better your online fav stores!

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